10 New Shocking Lebanon Facts You Were Never Told!

We all know since early childhood that Lebanon is 10452 km2, the closeness of our seas and mountains, our cedars, our Phoenician origins, and so on… BUT! Here are ten facts about Lebanon you never knew!

Lebanon Facts #1: Temple of Jupiter

lebanon fact temple of jupiter

The only remaining temple of Jupiter is in Baalbeck, an authentic Lebanese city with rich history!

Lebanon Facts #2: Desertless Arab Country?

lebanon fact desertless

Have you noticed that Lebanon is the only Arab country that has no desert?

Lebanon Facts #3: Crowded Archeological Sites

lebanon fact crowded archeological site

Yes! The number of people living in the archeological sites of Lebanon is huge!

Lebanon Facts #4: Occupied by 16 Countries

lebanon fact occupied french

We know that Lebanon was occupied by a lot of other civilizations but how many? Sixteen! Here are some of them: Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Alexander the Great, Roman Empire Byzantine, Crusaders, Ottoman, Britain, France, and Syria!

Lebanon Facts #5: Books About Lebanon

lebanon facts books

Everyone born in Lebanon loves Lebanon despite it’s negative aspects. It’s a given! Lebanon is the country that has the most books written about it!

Lebanon Facts #6: First to America

lebanon fact first to america

Believe it or not! Our ancestors built boats and sailed around the globe. They might have reached America long before Christopher Columbus.

Lebanon Facts #7: Tom & Jerry

lebanon fact tom & jerry

The very shocking number one of Lebanon facts ! It would sound crazy if we said that the people such as Joseph Barbara & William Hanna of Lebanese origins had put efforts in the creation of Tom & Jerry. But it’s true! 

Lebanon Facts #8: Beirut = Phoenix 

lebanon fact beirut phoenix

Beirut was destroyed and rebuilt seven times! It always came back from its ashes just like a majestic Phoneix. 

Lebanon Facts #9: No Doctor Shortage

lebanon facts lots of doctor

Lebanon counts a ratio of 1 doctor to every 10 people in Lebanon whereas in Europe and America there’s roughly 1 doctor for every 100 citizens.

Lebanon Facts #10: Newspapers! Everywhere!

lebanon facts newspapers

Lebanon counts forty daily newspaper. That’s a lot for such a tiny country don’t you agree?

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