6 Great Fall Guys Tricks to Play Like a Pro!

Now that Fall Guys is “Free For All” and available across all platforms, there’s no better time to give this great game a go. If you’ve already played the game or consider yourself a newbie, we’ve got your back. With these great Fall Guys Tricks & Tips, you’ll be sure to get your first crown soon!

Fall Guys Tricks #1: Diving

fall guys tricks use diving

Fall Guys controls are really simple. However, given that the action of “diving” is not required to play, not a lot of players are aware of it’s power, yet alone know that it exists. Unlike short jumps, diving will be very handy to help you carry your momentum forward in the air thus giving you the speed boost you need. Great maneuver comes with great sacrifice… Use diving only when necessary as it will make you fall to the ground and you will have to get up once you land.

Fall Guys Tricks #2: Boosted Start

fall guys tricks and tips use boosted start

Another trick that might have gone past a lot of players is the boosted start. To do that, you have to press left and right very fast multiple times when the countdown reaches “1” before the start of the round. This will give you a 0.1 second head start that might be useful to win a heated round.

Fall Guys Tricks #3: Get Up Faster

fall guys tricks and tips use get up faster

When you fall down, you will notice that it takes quite sometime to stand up and this could easily get you eliminated. The trick here is to glide while falling and then quickly jump when you’re about to reach the ground to get back up quicker and continue your race towards the finish line.

Fall Guys Tricks #4: Don’t Always Rush

fall guys tricks and tips don't always rush

Unless the tournament is a race, it’s a good idea to let some crowd ahead. Some of the games and races require you to follow a safe path and failing could really slow you down. In those situations, it’s better to let other players do the work for you. Remember that securing your win to the next round is more important than trying to finish first and letting luck control you.

Fall Guys Tricks #5: Jump On Downhills

fall guys tricks and tips

Jumping on downhills can really accelerate your momentum and help you win races. Next time you see yourself on a downhill, make sure to jump while pushing the forward button and get to the finish line quicker than ever.

Fall Guys Tricks #6: Use Your Hands & Avoid Others

fall guys tricks grab

In Fall Guys, you can grab objects or other players and this can really cause you problems. Being grabbed can massively throw off your momentum causing you to stumble, roll around, fall off the platform or just be late enough to not reach the finish line. This can be a powerful tool to use so use it wisely and keep your distance from those who try to use it against you.

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