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Top 6 Tricks to Make Quick Money in Hay Day

Hay Day is a farming simulation game that lets you plant trees, raise animals, make and sell procuts such as fresh bread, delicious cakes and mouthwatering cookies. It is easy to get addicted to such a cool game with great mechanics and daily challenges. However it is quite hard to make quick money in Hay Day. While many players are satisfied with the limited amount of gain provided by completing boat and truck orders, you are here to make actual money in Hayday! Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the top 10 tricks to go from broke to rich in your favorite game.

Trick #1 Quick Money in Hay Day: Mass Plant Trees & Bushes

quick money in hay day plant trees

You can make huge amounts on money in Hay Day by simpling planting a lot (and we mean A LOT) of trees and bushes. All you have to do is relax back for a day or two and collect the massive amounts of fruits to sell them for cash. Ignore the truck and boat orders and sell them in your roadside shop so that you can sell them at the highest price possible to other players. We must warn you that this first trick is a double-edged sword. Despite the tremendous amount of money you get from it, you’ll end up with plenty of dead trees that you can’t cut unless you have saws and axes.

Trick #2 Quick Money in Hay Day: Newspaper Trading

quick money in hay day newspaper trading

For this trick, you will need to have some initial fund, something around 5000 coins should be enough to start with. All you have to do is check the newspaper every couple minutes and look out for items that other players are selling for less than the maximum price. Once you find such thing, be quick to buy it and then resell it for the maximum price at your own roadside shop. It’s an easy way to make money but it’s a bit more tedius than other techniques.

Trick #3 Quick Money in Hay Day: Tom

quick money in hay day tom

As the title describes, tom is your best bet! All you have to do is collect some gems and request tom’s services to grab you the most expensive item that is available at your level. To save you time, you can look at our top 12 most profitable items ondifferent hay day levels. Once Tom comes back with your goodies, sell them on your roadside shop for the maximum amount of money. If you don’t want to pay Tom with gems, you can wait until he’s available for free courtesy of Hay Day team or you get a special Tom card that you can use.

Trick #4 Quick Money in Hay Day: Massively Produce the Most Expensive Item You Have

This trick is similar to trick #3 but instead of requiring Tom’s services, you’re less lazy and make these items yourself. Again, pick the most expensive item for your level of exeperience from our top 12 most profitable items ondifferent hay day levels list. Mass produce that item and sell it in your roadside shop.

Trick #5 Quick Money in Hay Day: Hire Rose & Ernest

quick money in hay day hire ernest and rose

You would be surprised to know to what extent Rose & Ernest make your life easier in Hay Day! The couple can really work miracles in your farm and keep it running even when you’re offline. They will help you continuously produce goods while you’re away. You can either sell these products or use them to make even more expensive items. Hiring these two will really help you make quick money in Hay Day and if you don’t want to pay gems for them, you can collect their cards or wait for a free service.

Trick #6 Quick Money in Hay Day: Watch Ads

quick money in hay day watch ads

What looks like a cinema ticket will appear on the roadside next to the mail box. If you press on it, you’ll be prompted to watch ads to get rewarded with a cool prize. Alll you have to do is give to Hay Day so they give you back! Sit, relax and play as many ads as possible to get goodies that you sell later for some money.

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