Dalia Khodor, Talented Lebanese Digital Artist

Her True Passion

“Since I was around 9, Dad gave me his vintage DC comic book collection. Mom used to buy me the newest Disney VLC tapes. I fell in love ever since! I had a deep urge to create stories and characters just like in the comics and animations. So I started writing my own and drawing some scenes. There I found my passion for illustration and world-building!” said Dalia Khodor, a Lebanese Digital Artist.

Dalia Khodor enjoys vibrant character designs with dark themes. Something with coming up with a full background story to a character intrigues her a lot. Storytelling was and forever will be her main pillar when she creates something new. Her biggest drive to continue with illustration is the passion to tell stories in the wildest way possible. Colors also are her biggest inspiration. As a Lebanese digital artist, she enjoys looking at pictures of skies at different times of days so she can apply the palettes to my work. Working with colors always makes me feel like a happy kid.

Her Inspiration & Style

Mystery and the unknown always have intrigued her and not to mention conspiracy theories. Dalia Khodor has always found that there was a lack of showcasing erotic and dark themed matters especially in our society, so she tries to address them by using creatures and humans together in an unsettling sense to try and trigger the viewers’ emotions regarding these matters such as obsession, love affairs, drug abuse, etc.

“Growing up, I always like to explore taboo themes and find a way to normalize them to the viewer without the need for explicit ways to convey them. Not normalizing them as in turning them into a positive matter, but normalizing to spread awareness of the vast existence in our growing society. As we grow up matters like these are not normally explained to us as children so we end up becoming victims of them while still being completely unaware. And what better way to enlighten people than by triggering human emotions with still paintings.” Lebanese digital artist Dalia Khodor explained.

Despite choosing dark themes, she tries to integrate at least one vibrant color while reflecting its psychological symbolism. For instance, green can be used positively to represent nature or anything organic. However in her case, excess green can give a sense of agitation and nausea, especially when clashing with magenta pinks and purples. “The light source also plays an important role in my paintings. They help me distinguish the focal point that leads the eye across all the details to tell a story.” she added. She thinks a successful painting is a painting that leaves an impact on your emotions. “It becomes memorable to you, and that is when I know I did my part” she explains.

Her Expertise

She has worked with several companies and appeared in international magazines providing workshops and showcases of her work as a Lebanese digital artist. The highlight of her career was collaborating with Warner Brothers for their DC Comics Gotham series on Fox. She also got the opportunity to study with Disney studios as an intern. Right now, she teaches illustration and virtual reality as an Assistant Professor in RHU-Mechref. She is also freelancing with several mobile game companies to create character designs and game assets. In addition, she is working on her own webtoon called “The Incarnates” which had been a long life dream of hers! For the future, she is developing her own AR company with some good friends of hers so she can finally have the chance to incorporate art with augmented reality.

Her Message to You

Despite the rejections, Lebanese digital artist Dalia Khodor kept fighting her way until she reached success as a Lebanese Digital Artist. She shares with us today the following important message.

“My professional journey has had its ups and downs. I have had rejection stories more than I’ve had successful ones. So to all the aspiring Lebanese illustrators and creators who are depressed with the current state of the country and feel trapped with nowhere to go, I assure you that only you have the power to change the state you are in. Only you can change your life to how you want it to be. Don’t blame the bad situations since your challenge here is to overcome it and make the best of it. No one will help you to reach your own dreams. That’s why you have to stand up in your own feet and use as much resources, contacts, and events to your advantage. Only then, good things will come your way and your long struggle will feel much more rewarding in the end when you reap the results.”

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