10 Lebanese Dyafe That You Seriously Love!

Lebanese love food and pay special attention to Dyafe. They offer you a variety of good sweets when you pay them a visit. They know they can’t let you go without an extra pound or two! So here is a list of ten Lebanese Dyafe you will be offered in each Lebanese house! What is the Lebanese Dyafe you love most?

Lebanese Dyafe #1: Baklawa

lebanese dyafe baklawa tray

Also known as Arabic sweets. No Lebanese would say no to such weird looking delicacy! Just like cheese tasting for French, Arabic sweets picking is the best feeling in the world!

Lebanese Dyafe #2: Sfouf

lebanese dyafe sfuf

No one knows why they are so good to eat! All we know is that one piece is never enough. One of the best Lebanese Dyafe!

Lebanese Dyafe #3: Coffee

lebanese dyafe coffee

If there’s no coffee, I won’t visit! Lebanese literally live on coffee.

Lebanese Dyafe #4: Juice

lebanese dyafe juice

Regardless if it’s Maccaw, Tropicana, Extra or Slice, one kind of juice is not enough! You have to offer two or three flavors at least to your visitors. I know I die for mangoes, what about you?

Lebanese Dyafe #5: Petit Four

lebanese dyafe petit four

Who doesn’t die for those lovely sugary bites? Come in different shapes and sizes. Do you eat one or more when offered?

Lebanese Dyafe #6: Gateau Soirée

lebanese dyafe gateau soiree

When you know your host is spoiling you too much!

Lebanese Dyafe #7: Knafeh

lebanese dyafe knafeh

Nothing better than some knafeh for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course Dyafe! With extra Ater, please!

Lebanese Dyafe #8: English Cake 

lebanese dyafe englsih cake

Old but gold! Whether bought or homemade, everyone just loves English cake!

Lebanese Dyafe #9: Makhluta (Mixed Nuts)

lebanese dyafe makhluta mixed nuts

Lebanon is probably the country with the most consumption of mixed nuts. You can find it in each and every market, typical of us! 

Lebanese Dyafe #10: Chocolate

lebanese dyafe chocolate

You are allowed to accept or reject but deep down you know you feel like trying one of each!

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