12 Awesome Lebanese Childhood Cartoons From the ’80s!

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If you were an 80’s Lebanese kid, you surely remember that moment when you would toss all your school homework and books just to sit in from of that good old TV to watch your favorite Lebanese Childhood cartoons. Whether black and white or colorful, you would impatiently wait for your favorite cartoons! However, as we turned into adults, we forgot that inner child that lives in each one of us. But worry not! We compiled a list of the 12 most memorable animated series from your lebanese childhood to bring that inner kid out once again!

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #1: Tom and Jerry

lebanese childhood cartoons tom & jerry

A cat, a mouse, and a house! Those two never run out of ideas to make each other’s lives harder. No one on this earth can deny how awful our lives would be if we never met this duo. They are truly number one out of all cartoons! For a fun fact, lebanese people helped in the conception of Tom & Jerry. If you’re intrested to find out how, read about it here.

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #2: Woody Woodpecker

lebanese childhood cartoons woody wood pecker

Who could forget this iconic laugh? Heard it resonating in your head yet? He was quite the prankster we all loved!

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #3: Road Runner

lebanese childhood cartoons road runner

If you’re a fan of the movie “Fast and Furious” then you probably watched too much of the roadrunner cartoon as a kid! Yup, probably the fastest ostrich you have ever encountered.

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #4: Mickey Mouse

lebanese childhood cartoons mickey mouse

We all agree that having mice at home is awful! Yet, there is one mouse that we all loved and welcomed… Mickey mouse and of course his crush Minnie Mouse. Walt Disney’s a genius!

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #5: Grendizer

lebanese childhood cartoons grendizer

“Haya Tir Ya Grendizer!” Our favorite iconic flying armed robot.  Yup, enemies better run for their lives!

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #6: Al Sanafar (The Smurfs)

lebanese childhood cartoons smurfs

la la lala la la la lala la … We bet that you tried to sing it as well! Who could forget these cute tiny blue fellas? Always joyful, hard-working, clumsy, and hiding from the evil wizard sharshabeel (Gargamel). One of the best cartoons we ever watched!

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #7: Zeina w Nahoul (Maya the Honey Bee)

lebanese childhood cartoons maya w nahoul

A little cute bee that was thrown into exile. However, this hasn’t stopped her from having great adventures and filling our world with laughter and hope.

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #8: Donald Duck

lebanese childhood cartoons donald duck

Have you ever went past ducks in a public park or nature reserve and thought to yourself that it would look better in a blue sailor outfit? If so, we can safely say that you were into Donald Duck! The only old cartoon character that you enjoyed watching despite never understanding what he’s talking about!

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #9: Tamtam Ana

lebanese childhood cartoons tamtam ana

“Tam Tam Tam Tam Ana!” A mischievous little boy that likes to discover things, play, and gets himself into big trouble. He would take us on one of his crazy adventures in every epsiode.

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #10: LuLu Al Saghira (Little Lulu)

lebanese childhood cartoons lulu al saghira

A very smart but stubborn girl. Always looking to prove that girls can be as good as boys! How can we forget her red dress and curly hair?

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #11: Flintstones

lebanese childhood cartoons flinstones

Who said cars, trains, phones, and dishwashers did not exist in the prehistoric era? The only catch was “no shoes allowed”. We all remember how the Flinstones family would jump in their car and run to start it.

Lebanese Childhood Cartoons #12: Pink Panther

lebanese childhood cartoons pink panther

Classy, Snobby, and most importantly PINK! However, we knew deep down how much he loved to drive the white janitor insane… It was one heck of a cartoon!

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