catch a fox in hay day

The Best Way to Catch a Fox in Hay Day in 4 Easy Steps

Have you been appreciating the visit of a cute fox that keeps spawning randomly every now and then in your Hay Day farm? You’re probably here because you’re wondering how in the world you could keep that fox forever but you scroll through the shop section and it is nowhere to be seen. You almost give up the idea of owning a fox in Hay Day until you see one of these top farms raising hundreds of them! Now you’re sure that it is 100% possible but just don’t know how to get them. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Guess what? You landed on the right post.

Catch a fox in hay day

Catch a Fox in Hay Day Step #1: Plant raspberry bushes and apple trees in your farm

Foxes in Hay Day love raspberry bushes and apple trees and are more likely to spawn next to them. Planting them along the road has higher chances of attracting a fox.

Catch a Fox in Hay Day Step #2: Buy lots of fences

Right after planting raspberry bushes or apple trees, buy a lot of fences to prepare yourself before the spawning of a fox.

Catch a Fox in Hay Day Step #3: Build traps with fences around the bushes

Once you spot a fox, be quick to place previously bought fences around it to form a fencing. In case the fox very near to the road in such way you can’t place a fence around him, try to use fences to push him and check Hay Day regulary to track the movement of the fox.

Catch a Fox in Hay Day Step #4: Moving the fox to desired location

Congratulations on catching your first fox! Now you can use th fences and gently push them toward the location you desire. It is a long and boring process but it is defiently worth it.

If you want to own more foxes in your farm, all you have to do is repeat the same process and move the fencings in such a way you can merge them to put all the foxes together.

Now that you know everything about catching foxes, gotta catch them all!

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