Abou Rached’s (Nabil Zantout) Sunday Treats: Mouthwatering Cuisine!

Who is Abou Rached?

Abou Rached, Nabil Zantout, is a Lebanese retired civil Engineer who took up cooking as a hobby after retirement. Indeed, he started his hobby in the 1990s when he traveled to the US to visit his son. Thus, he would watch the cooking channels on cable TV and record his favorite episodes to go back to Lebanon and try them out!

Sunday Treats: Mouthwatering Cuisine

He continued his hobby when Satellite TV reached Lebanon and then got on the internet. Some of the dishes he makes are pizza, Arabic sweets, and cake for the gathering, mainly Sundays, for his family to enjoy. He also honors special requests from his grandchildren, children, and their friends. Since then, he has been making a new treat every Sunday. The event now referred to as “Abou Rached Sunday Treat” became popular among his friends and family. Truly his sweets are to die for! Feeling excited yet? Here are some of the coolest and most mouthwatering dishes presented by Abou Rached. We believe that he is a living example of “hobbies and dreams never die!”

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