Byblose Lebanese Restaurant in Tokyo Japan Shiba, Minato City

Byblos Lebanese Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan Serving Authentic Lebanese Sweets, Pastries & Meals

From the country of knowledge and alphabet to the country of advanced technology, Byblos Lebanese Restaurant brought forth the best and most mouthwatering Lebanese cuisine to Tokyo, Japan. Beirut’s great sushi bars gave us an awesome taste of Japanese cuisine. Now it’s our turn to share with them all the amazing Lebanese delicacies that we’ve got to offer. Good news right?

Byblos Lebanese Restaurant in Tokyo Japan Shiba, Minato City

You may wonder about what Lebanese dishes are on the menu of a Japanese-Lebanese restaurant? Byblos Lebanese Restaurant offers a variety of traditional Lebanese dishes such as stuffed grape leaves (warak enab), kebbeh, pistachio baklawa and a wide range of Lebanese pastries such as man’ouche and lahme bi ajeen.

Byblos Lebanese Restaurant Lebanese pastries in Tokyo Japan Shiba, Minato City

But wait… that’s not all! Byblos Lebanese Restaurant in Japan also serves Lebanese sweets in Japan, including halawet el jebn, maamoul and sfouf. The cutest thing you can buy in this Lebanese restaurant is one of these individually packaged Burm baklawa sweets!

Byblos Lebanese Restaurant Lebanese pistashio Baklewa (Baklava) in Tokyo Japan Shiba, Minato City

The menu is in Japanese but everything is Halal Certified. You can find typical Lebanese wraps and sandwiches such as shawarma, falafel, hummus, kufta. The menu also includes popular Lebanese authentic salads and starters. If you were in Japan and miss your country, make sure to pass by Byblos Lebanese Restaurant in Shiba, Minato City, Tokyo for a great taste of Lebanon.

Lebanese food in japan menu featuring Lebanese Shwarma, Lebanese Falafel, Lebanese Hummus & Lebanese Kufta in Japan
Arabic Lebanese Halal Food in Japan, Hummus, warak inab, falafel in byblos lebanese restaurant

Byblos Lebanese Restaurant seems promising as the Japanese ambassador to Lebanon Takeshi Okubo admitted on his Twitter account that the restaurant is gaining a positive reputation.

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