Cheb Khaled & Rodge : “Elle S’appelle Beyrouth” Shocking Collaboration

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Lots of us already heard about Khaled Hadj, known as Cheb Khaled, who sung “C’est la vie”. This amazing song that we all listen to and enjoy in Lebanon.

“The smile faded from my face, leaving in its place the grief that I share with you. Your people have been hurt, oh Lebanese brethren, and our hearts are broken,” the famous singer said in a statement following the Beirut Port blast.

Following this statement, Cheb Khaled decided to release his new song clip this Tuesday (Tuesday 18 August 2020) in tribute to Beirut after the massive devastating explosion of 4 August 2020. In collaboration with Rodge, Lebanese musical artist, Kaheld will release this new French-Arabic song titled “Elle s’apelle Beyrouth” (Her name is Beirut) as an initiative to raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross.

A section of the music video was posted on Saturday and contains real photos and footage of the tragic explosion.

A big thank to Cheb Khaled and Rodge for this beautiful, emotional, and moving initiative. Music can mend broken hearts.

We will recover the beauty of Beirut…

The tragedy of Beirut has moved the hearts of many, Lebanon and Beirut will rise again from the ashes. A lot of people in the world are doing the best they can to help us! Will we help ourselves? The choice is yours so choose wisely.

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