Lebanese Youth Bring Back Hope To Our Beloved Beirut!

4 August 2020 was a really sad day for all Lebanese. The massive explosion has left hundreds of deaths, thousands of injured, and more than 300 000 people homeless. Not mentioning the other huge amount of buildings with broken glass. This true tragedy left a mark in the hearts of each and every one. However, Lebanese youth bring a light of hope once again to our beloved Beirut. Here are a few pictures that show that we have an amazing Lebanese Youth!

Women and Men…

lebanese youth men and women


beirut port explosion cleaning

Or on Wheelchairs…

special needs cleans beirut after port explosion

Together in Solidarity…

lebanese youth ready to help

Ready to Help

lebanese youth helping in the aftermath of beirut explosion

Cleaning destroyed homes…

lebanese youth after beirut explosion

Or outisde the streets…

lebanese youth clean street of beirut

Removing the ruins

lebanese youth helping

Removing shuttered glass

lebanese youth beirut port


lebanese youth cloth donation

Recovering the beauty of Beirut… Be proud of the Lebanese Youth!

lebanese youth hope

This is only a sample of our youth in action! No, we cannot forget about Bierut’s explosion… But we can stand together in solidarity. Be proud of your children, they made a difference when the government was absent.

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