Lebanon Explosion Changed the World, Message from Netherlands Little Girl & Nightfall Project

“The destruction was so bad… it seriously looked like a scene from the movie Avengers” were the words of a little ten-year-old girl from the Netherlands and the nightfam family. This little girl explains to other kids around the world watching her video that these scenes are real and are not just scenes of a movie. She realizes that living in the Netherlands or any other country far from those tragedies makes it harder for people to believe and feel them. “if there’s anything a 10 years old girl can do to make this world better… it’s to reach other kids like me and their parents… to remind them that all the tragedies we see on the TV and on the internet are real. We shouldn’t watch them as they were just movies. The moment we realize this is really happening … maybe then more people will feel more compassionate.” This little ten years old girl, despite her young age, is trying to spread awareness. The young people, no matter their birthplace, ethnicity, race, religion are all trying to build a better future for the world. They want peace… The recent events with the COVID-19, the Beirut blast, and all that’s been happening in 2020 is only a call for our unity.

We thank this little girl for making this video, you are a hero. Thank you for Nightfall for hosting it on their social media.

We will recover the beauty of Beirut…

Individuals throughout the world are calling for you! Will you build a better future for your children or will you waste the blood and sacrifice of those who died for us? The choice is yours… choose wisely.

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