Men Lebnen, Greatest Devotion for Lebanese Products

Lebanon is not the best at local production so most of us are used to get imported goods. After the financial collapse that Lebanon went through, we started being more aware of our “made in Lebanon” products. Now more than ever before, we are getting to know lebanese brands that we never heard of before. That’s exactly what Joseph El Khoury, owner of Men Lebnen was trying to convey.

What is Men Lebnen?

Men Lebnen is an online website that aims to list all “made in lebanon” products. The innovator is Joseph El Khoury, a software enginner and managing partner of the Koozpace. He started Men Lebnen in hopes of finding solutions and new projects to enhance his beloved country, Lebanon.

His idea came up right after the Lebanese revolution that started in October 2019. He realized that our imports to export ratios are off the charts and decided to launch the Men Lebnen website to promote all local brands and lebanese products for free. His main aim was to encourage people to buy local products that are of good quality and cheaper than imported products.
I decided to launch the website and promote all local brands and products for FREE in order to encourage people to buy local products that are sometimes cheaper and have the same quality as imported ones.

How Can You Help Lebanese Products?

men  lebnen made in lebanon help support lebanese products

Men Lebnen needs you! Adding all local Lebanese products is not an easy task. Every person can contribute to this patriotic website in the following way:

  • Talk about the website with your family and friends
  • Suggest missing brands/products by emailing
  • Share your reviews about the posted products

Joseph El Khoury believed in Lebanon and local brands. Can you give us a hand? If you are interested to know more, browse Lebanese products, or help out check Men Lebnen website.

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