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Survivor by Melyssa Babikian

Survivor is written by Melyssa Babikian, a talented Lebanese writer. Melyssa got a master’s degree in English literature. She is currently working as an English Instructor at MUC University and an editor at GWR consulting


Words. Words are an essential element of our lives and existence. The power of it. The creation of our mindset. The development of our character. The guidance of our life.

You go through life trying to hang on on every little detail to feel alive. You meet new people, create new friendships, and try to feel every bit of everything. They tell you carpe diem! Go and seize the day, but unfortunately by the end of each day, what most of us look for is acceptance and reassurance.

Sometimes a word can affect us on so many levels to a point that we do not like to admit it. One single word can turn your world upside down, good or bad. We live up to society’s standards and sometimes forget what we are truly worth. We look for someone who can assure us when we are low and down, some who cheers us up when we are sad, and someone that makes us feel loved when we are lonely. So as you can one word, one single word, and maybe even one letter can make such a huge difference in our lives.

However, what makes this so dangerous is that, on the other hand, one word can damage a heart, hurt a soul, and end a life. This how much words can affect us. Somehow some people live up to the idea that by breaking others and destroying them we become more important and popular. But this, my friend, only shows how broken and damaged you truly are.

We turn words to break someone’s confidence. We bully them to feel satisfied. But I have one question in mind, how satisfied will you be when that person is dead? How happy will you be when that person’s mother dies of a broken heart? When that friend starts developing mental issues. Or even your own family is collapsed.

Nothing can ever justify bullying. Nothing is understandable when shaming the other. You are not better than anyone else.

To every person ever being bullied. To every girl that was body-shamed. To every guy who was being harassed and beaten-up. To every human being that was ever hurt by one single word, lift your head up high. What you need to understand is that those words do now resemble you. They do not even look like you or present you. My love, you need to understand that you are precious. You are enough. You are smart, intelligent, and most importantly you are beautiful.

Screw that guy that did not like you, that friend backstabbed you, that girl that betrayed you, that sibling that belittled you. I know that sometimes even your parents bullied you. Told you you won’t make it, you aren’t thin enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. To hell with them. To hell to anyone that will be toxic to you. God made you this way, created you in that manner, and no one is better to judge.

I need you to hear me loud and clearly, you are beautiful. You can do whatever you want. And most importantly, your life is precious, so damn precious. You deserve it, you are worth it, you will make it. Fight your demons, silence your thoughts, and believe in yourself. I believe in you.

The power of words will not grow unless you give it permission. So focus, and know which words to accept and which ones to block away.

I know that you are tired, and think that ending your life will make it all go away but it’s not true. If it’s not you, it’s somebody else. Someone else will go through the same. So speak up. Don be afraid. They are the reason behind all of this and this is not your fault.

Words. We either destroy them or they destroy us.

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