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Time Split by Melyssa Babikian

Time Split is written by Melyssa Babikian, a talented Lebanese writer. Melyssa got a master’s degree in English literature. She is currently working as an English Instructor at MUC University and an editor at GWR consulting

Time Split

Sometimes you reach a point in your life where nothing makes sense anymore
You see yourself standing where you were, yet not know what to do no more,
As if slipping from the edge, into a cottage valley, split between flowers and thorns
And can’t decide on what to mourn.

Everything was simple and smooth,
You lived life with words that sooth,

And then a second turns the table upside down, and now everything inside you turned with it.
It is a time split, between the known and the unknown,
Between what was real and became surreal.

You stand there trying your best to meet the ground,
But slowly your thoughts lift you up and keep you bound,
Over the chaos inside your heart and mind.

You think that nothing will go back to the way it were,
And everything you didn’t imagine start to occur
And now you become a bundle of chaos
Trying to choose whether to fight or lose all this fuss.

It is a time split.
But to where?

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