sweet hilarious lebanese compliments

10 Sweet Yet Hilarious Lebanese Compliments

Lebanese adopt very strange words and phrases in their dictionary. These words seem to make sense when spoken in Arabic but their translation or literal meaning is hilarious. Here is a compilation of sweet yet hilarious Lebanese compliments.

1. Fosak/Fosik Ghali

Literally means that your fart is expensive. Just imagine saying this to a Lebanese versus saying it to anyone else on this planet! This complement is specially used by older people such as grandparents and parents to express their love for their children. It shows how important they are to them in such a way that even farting is cute. Hopefully… not in public though!

2. Mitil el amar

It means that you are like the moon. It is true! Lebanese people love to hear those words. However, have you wondered what a moon looks like? It’s filled with holes… BUUUUT it’s still beautiful at night!

3. Jamalak Jamal

Your beauty is beauty is how it is translated. It means that your beauty is so beauitful that even beauty itself is not as beaituful as your beauty. Wait! Now I am as confused as you are.

4. Tal el Amar

The moon showed up! Lebanese know how to summon moons during the daytime. Non-Lebanese would be like “WHAT IS WRONG WITH LEBANESE AND MOONS?!”

5. Sabaho Lal Helwe/Helo

It means the morning of the beautiful. Does beautiful has a morning? What’s wrong with these Lebanese?!

6. Btetekal

In English “You’re edible”. No, don’t take it literally! It just shows how cute or beautiful you are.

8. Shu hal zaher, byo2har 2aher

Translated to “What is this pink? It pains the pain”. Not to be used unless you are some cheesy guy giving a compliment to a girl wearing pink.

9. Teezak sha2fet almaza

Another weird Lebanese compliment that translated to “your butt is a piece of diamond”. It is also used by older people such as parents and grandparents complementing younger ones. It reflects their love by comparing your behind to a very expensive diamond.

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