Meet Our Kitten Lucas

Lucas is a very active little kitten. He is two months and a half now. He is very playful and loves cuddles! But Lucas is also a fighter and that’s why!

Lucas was one month old when he was adopted by our loving and caring family. He was so little that he could fit in the palm of our hand! Being so young, he couldn’t eat dry food for kittens.

The first thing we noticed was Lucas’s inability to eat anything but picon which was what he used to have before we adopted him. The next thing we noticed was Lucas’s eyes as they kept shut. Lucas was not very active and kept sleeping most of the day. He also started throwing up multiple times a day.

We directly thought that Lucas needed to see a veterinarian. As we took our little bundle of joy to the doctor, we found out that he had a kind of kitten flu. The doctor explained to us that he had a sore throat and that made him refuse food as well as make weird gestures with his little paws. His flu also made his eyes closed.

After giving him his medecine and following the veterinarian’s prescribtions, Lucas started to feel better. He started playing more, sleeping less and eating his wet food.

Two weeks later, Lucas fell ill again as he could not go to the bathroom. We had to take him once again to the veterinarian when we found out that he was infected with worms. Given his young age, we still could not give him the proper medicine to treat his worms. The veterinarian helped us do it through stages to keep Lucas healthy and safe.

Today, Lucas is still very sensitive but is doing better than ever. We will keep taking good care of our little bundle of joy. Just watch him help us write our articles on vibelb!


Do you like little Lucas? Here’s an extra image to show him at his full cuteness level!

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