13 Crazy Things Lebanese Parents Do!

Lebanese parents do crazy stuff! We gathered a list of 13 hilarious relatable things that your parents did not just once but pretty much your entire life.

1. Waynek/Waynak text is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

lebanese parents waynek waynak

Lebanese parents employ “waynek/waynak” as an alternative to “you’re dead!”. Once you saw that text, it became 100% clear to you that you’ll be facing number 2 of this list!

2. The slipper is not only a footwear, but also a weapon.

lebanese parents mom slipper weapon

Lebanese parents, specially moms, use slippers not only to keep their feet warm and clean but also as a super weapon that can bring you to the ground in a matter of seconds! Lebanese parents are the best snippers you will ever encounter. We completly understand and won’t judge you if the picture above cause you a traumatic experience.

3. You know how to walk on freshly mopped floors.

lebanese parents freshly mopped floor

Your lebanese parents have a thing with freshly mopped floors. You are requested to either tiptoe bare feet, take big steps forward, or just wait in your room for quite a while.

4. Panadol and 7up are cures to all sicknesses.

lebanese parents 7up panadol cure all

Yes! For Lebanese parents, panadol and 7up are the cure for all sickness in the world. Are you feeling like throwing up? Here take a 7up you’ll feel better!

5. Oh, you want oranges? Here is a field! Parents buy tons of fruits.

lebanese parents lot of fruits

Fruits everywhere! Eat more fruits! Here’s a field of oranges just for you! Vitamin C is very important!

6. Fucidin on anything and eveything.

lebanese parents fucidin

Wouldn’t be surprised if lebanon turns out to be their biggest client. Lebanese parents use fucidin on anything and everything!

7.You get shouted at if you walk barefoot on the floor. In winter, it is too cold. And in summer, it is too dirty. 

lebanese parents angry barefoot

What a crime!!! Don’t you dare walking barefoot in front of your lebanese parents or you’re in for the greatest scold of your life!

8. Smoking is the worst thing you could do, but both parents smoke.

lebanese parents smoking

How could you smoke? said a lebanese dad scolding his son while holding a cigarette.

9. In your face: you are a failure. Behind your back, you are an angel.

lebanese parents failure angel

At home you are the worst human being there is on earth. When you’re not around, you’re the best human being there is on earth. That’s Lebanese parents’ logic!

10. Ice-cream during winter is a big NO.

lebanese parents no icecream in winter

“YOU CAN’T HAVE ICECREAM, IT’S COLD!” is something we heard all winter long.

11. You are not really sick unless your body temperature is over 40 or you are hospitalized.

lebanese parents not sick if you are not in hospital

Oh you have 38.5 degree fever? That’s nothing, take some panadol pills and you’re good to go! You’re not missing school today.

12. Your mom has a set of gold and crystal encrusted cups and plates for guests only.

lebanese parents silverware only for guests

No touch! There is “guest” marked everywhere on these sileverware. You’re not allowed to get near them… EVER!

13. You do not know what real fear is unless you eat outside while your mom spent the whole day preparing lunch.

lebanese parents cook home

Congratulations! You just awoke the anger monster in your Lebanese mom. The only thing you can do is run for your life and pray that she will not dig your grave before dinner.

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