weird lebanese laws

Top 4 Weird Lebanese Laws

There are weird laws everywhere and Lebanon is no exception. Find about the top 4 weird lebanese laws.

Weird Lebanese Laws #1

A Lebanese man is allowed to make out with animals as long as they are of the opposing sex. It sounds very odd but yet it exists on the internet as one of the weirdest laws in Lebanon. We are unsure of why this law was created in the first place because it makes no sense. What about women? Well according to what we read online, women can’t make out with animals.

Weird Lebanese Laws #2

If someone decides to commit suicide by throwing themselves off the roof or a building and they happened to fall on someone’s car, then the owner of the car is punished for it. We don’t know why would someone not invovled pay the price of a crime they did not commit better yet not aware of.

Weird Lebanese Laws #3

Raising flags other than the Lebanese flag. The mere existance of this law is weird since no one abides by it. The law dates back to 1945 and was the result of the Lebanese Civil War.

Weirdest Lebanese Laws #4

Lebanese rapists are judged innocent if they get married to their victim. Thankfully, this strange law was canceled.

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