Best 7 Self-Care Habits to Practice During Your Hard Days

Best 7 Self-Care Habits to Practice During Your Hard Days

We all need a breather sometimes and self-care is a great way to recover your energy. It can help you feel better about yourself as well. Self-care can be a great refresher and help you discover new things about yourself and learn more about your inner workings. So how can we practice self-care?

Practice a long-forgotten hobby

Best 7 self-care habits in lebanon, painintg practicing old habbit

Start with taking care of yourself by doing something you love and haven’t done in a while. It can be anything, from reading your favorite book to working on an art project you put aside for a while. Deliberate practice of one hobby can be rewarding and refreshing. What will you choose to pick up again that you might have forgotten about for a while?

Take a bubble bath

Best 7 self-care habits in lebanon, bubble bath relaxing

Taking some time to relax is always a great way to end your day, especially with a hot bubble bath. One can find this tip in a lot of self-care articles, but it is there for a reason. A hot shower or a bath can be a great way to relax and rejuvenate, regaining your lost energy and feeling fresh as well as clean after a long day of work or studies.


Best 7 self-care habits in lebanon, journaling thoughts

Another often mentioned self-care habit is writing down your thoughts in your favorite notebook. Journaling can be that friend you never had, who hears you out every time you speak, all you need to do is write it all down for that friend. It’ll keep your deepest secrets and listen to your rants and will hear you out at any time of day (or night, if needed). So, pick up your favorite pen and let your thoughts flow on paper free and uncontrolled to the rhythm of your breathing.


Best 7 self-care habits in lebanon, meditating and breathing to cope

Sitting down and doing nothing can be hard but a very rewarding task. All you need to do is take a seat (or lay down) and breathe into your stomach. You can always put on a guided meditation or some calming music to listen to, or just sit in total silence, the choice is entirely yours on how you perform the meditation. Just remember not to judge your thoughts and let them pass freely, without making any verdict on them.

Buying yourself flowers

Best 7 self-care habits in lebanon, buying yourself flowers

A nice thing you can do for yourself is to get yourself some flowers. In summertime you don’t even have to buy them, just go out in nature and find some nice wildflowers to pick up. If the season doesn’t allow it, you can always buy yourself a plant or some flowers to brighten up your room, office space and, of course, your day as well.

Indulging in chocolate or sweets of your choice

Best 7 self-care habits in lebanon, eating chocolate

Unless you get a gift of chocolates, this little self-care habit also might require some money, but not a whole lot. Get your favorite flavor of chocolate or other types of sweets of your choice and indulge in them with no guilt. You read that right. Do it guilt-free.

Cooking for yourself

Best 7 self-care habits in lebanon, cooking for yourself

Another self-care habit to indulge in could be cooking a nice meal for yourself at home. You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant to give yourself a treat, although that is fine too. However, you can make that treat for yourself right here at home with a little research online or from your favorite recipe book.

So, what will you do as your first self-care task of the week? Make sure to incorporate at least one self-care habit in your day and remember to practice it frequently. Every day is different, but that one habit can be your north star and that one grounding activity to help you refocus and rejuvenate.

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